Roller Blinds

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Energy Saving Roller Blinds

Our roller blinds will save you money as they provide extra insulation to help reduce heat build up in summer and heat loss in winter. How much can I save? Each of our fabrics has been independently tested and given an energy saving classification of ER1, ER2 or ER3 to give an indication of the cost savings that can be achieved.

ER Rating
ER1: High level of insulation and energy savings of up to 15% per year can be achieved with these fabrics.
ER2: These fabrics provide a good level of insulation with energy savings of up to 12% per year.
ER3: These are the essential fabrics for window furnishings with energy savings of up to 11% per year.

Black Out Roller Blinds

Blackout finishes can be seen on a huge selection of fabrics across every blind type. Whilst they may still be chosen to darken a room such as a science laboratory, Blackout fabrics are also more energy efficient because of their higher insulating properties, so you will save you money on your fuel bills.

Privacy is another reason for choosing a blackout roller blinds since they will prevent anything being viewed from the outside.

Birch Commercial Furnishing offers an unrivalled first class service ensuring only the highest standard of workmanship is delivered. This coupled with the sourcing of only the highest quality products and excellent after sales service allows Birch Commercial Furnishing to offer exceptional value at a very competitive rate.

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